If I’m Not In School Or Doing My Internships…Then I’m Working



Enough with caps! But yes, this Wednesday was a little different compared to most Wednesdays for me lately. When home I usually work two different jobs. I’m a secretary at a dentist office in town and I am a nanny. Some may argue being a nanny isn’t a “real” job but, I make more money than people with real jobs do when I nanny so I laugh at the doubters.

This winter I am not working at the dentist office since I have SO much going on. But I can never say no to nannying my two most favorite kids in the world! Tommy and Claire have been in my life for about three years now. Today I told their mom I would fill in for their, now, year round nanny because she is with family in Poland.  BUT I still was working my internship today too. And of course psycho me wanted to fit in a workout today too. This is how my day went:

5:30am: woke up

7:00am: got to kid’s house, woke kids up and got kids ready for school. For those who never have gotten kids ready for school; it’s a very long process. Had to break up two wrestling matches. One ended in Tommy saying to Claire “Claire you better not try to give me a headlock….I have a really strong neck!” Made me laugh.

7:45am: feed kids breakfast. The favorite cereal was almost gone, another fight I had to break up.

8:50am: drop kids off at school

9:00am: back to the house to work for internship from computer.

9:30am: conference call.

10:00am: work on documents for internship.

11:00am: video conference call. this lasts two hours.

1:00pm: lunch

1:30pm: workout

2:30pm: work on social media sites for internship

3:25pm: pick kids up from school. directly drop tommy off at swimming

3:30pm: entertain Claire  and do homework with her

5:10: drop Claire off at swimming

5:30: pick tommy up from swimming

5:45: i’m done with nannying and work for the day

Then I made time for my social life…..

This is just the beginning of my busy life isn’t it? Good. I love it.




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Hi, I'm Katlyn. I'm a huge clutz, a good friend, a helping hand, a public relations major and media studies minor, social media whiz and a professional smiler. Watch and read as I go from easy college living to the real world within the next year. I have to juggle school, work and internships all at once. So many hurdles to get over with new adventures and experiences on the way. Follow me on twitter @katlynmhayes

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Watch and read as I go from easy college living to the real world within the next year! So many hurdles to get over with new adventures and experiences on the way.

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