Winter Break Is Almost Over??


This week was insane with internships, babysitting and so much more! I have one more week until I leave the land of SUVS, and sports care to head back to the land of pick up trucks…

I finally got myself the iphone4 and I think it has become glued to my hand. What I love about it is the fact that I can have all these awesome apps. I have an app for everything! One of my new favorite apps is called “Lose it”. Now I’m obviously not trying to lose any weight because lets face it I can barely stand up on a windy day. But, I love staying healthy and maintaining the weight that I am at. “Lose it” is basically just a food log and at the end of the day you get to see what nutrients you put into your body that day. I need to lay off the salt! I increased my workout routine which is leaving me exhausted by the end of the day. But I love the results I’m getting so far.

I have been really busy with my internships this week! A few new clients at ALB which is awesome and I am almost done with my internship check list at Eclispe! I can’t believe how much I learned from both. I always walk away from internships thinking how I can’t believe how much I learned. I don’t understand how people get jobs without having internships first. On top of my internships, I’ve been babysitting too. I have to save up for a car somehow.

The snow is coming today. I used to love snow but now it’s just annoying. Mother nature… I have places to go and things to do…come on!

This weekend will be filled of packing! Whoohoo!




Fridays Only!

Hello 🙂

For the thousands I mean four people out there that read my blog- my life is catching up with me and I’ve decided to only post about my week on Fridays from now on. So on Fridays you will see a post about my life, work, internships and my workouts.

Sorry this isn’t because I’m lazy it’s because there honestly isn’t enough time in the day. Why can’t there be more hours!!!

Until Friday…



– K

Gotta Get Down On Friday…


Yay the work week is over and now the fun weekend or relaxing weekend is here 🙂 Today I interned at ALB Group. It was a good day. I got some more work done on the social media sites and hopefully next week I’ll be onto bigger tasks!

You can follow ALB Group on twitter @ALBGroup, you can follow their blog at and you can look them up on LinkedIn as well. Oh how I love social media!


– K

The Hunger Games

Happy Thursday!

So lately I have been diving into the book the Hunger Games and I have to say- I don’t see what the big deal is. People talked up this book WAY too much. It’s a good read don’t get me wrong- but I am not addicted. Not yet anyway. I’m only on Chapter 8 and I’m still not attached to the book so maybe it’s just not the read for me? Not sure.


However, I am still going to go see the movie for sure.

I had my internship with Eclipse today again and it went alright. Just a long busy work day I suppose. I’m actually finishing up my “to do” list for them so I wonder what I’ll do when thats finished…..


Tommy Never Fails


Today I nannied again instead of going in to my internship with ALB. I nannied Claire and Tommy again. They make me laugh so much. Tommy NEVER fails at making me smile.

I found out today that he tells all his friends that I’m awesome because I play HALO with me. That made me feel cool not going to lie. It’s funny- when I leave their house Tommy is usually crying and holding onto me and you would think that would make me sad but it actually makes me happy because it reassures me that I’m doing my job right and I’m keeping them happy while I’m there.

Nannying makes amazing cash if your nannying for the right people and if I could I would be Claire and Tommy’s full time nanny. It’s weird to watch them grow up, one day they wont need me. Which is not a thought I want to think about right now.

I think I have over did it with my squats in my workout plan- it’s difficult to walk. So I may have to take a rest for a day but we will see. I know a lot of people think it’s silly that I have a workout plan at all but people have to realize- I want to maintain my body.


– K

Annoyed And Frusturated

Happy Tuesday!

Another pet peeve of mine- when people interrupt me or talk over me. This happens all the time to me at an internship of mine and it just makes me feels so disrespected and like my opinion doesn’t even matter to the point where it can be topped with what someone else has to say.

But today- I had my internship at Eclipse Design. I got some things done today and unfortunately I have to go back out to the city of Chicago and retake some photos for Eclipse. But I’m a YES woman so of course I’ll do it. The video is coming along real well as well as putting the new office together.

It’s always hard adapting to a businesses schedule. I’m so used to pumping out work super fast. At my Mix Media internship I would get up to ten tasks done a day.

I need some rest so I can work hard tomorrow!


– K

Makin’ The Bacon

Happy Monday!

By the way if you don’t follow me on twitter, you can follow me @katlynmhayes and if we aren’t friends on facebook you can request me at Katlyn M. Hayes.

ANYWAYS, I mean ANYWAY– today I had my internship at ALB Group. It’s exciting working on different projects for different clients. Lately I have been building social media sites for ALB Group themselves. It’s going very well. I’ve learned with all this social media building that- it’s not important to tweet or facebook UNLESS you are tweeting and facebooking while connecting with your audience. If your throwing facts at them- they wont care unless they can relate to the facts.

It has been a challenge explaining the benefits of social media to those who have no clue about it or don’t understand it. Come on people, jump into this century with me! People are afraid to adapt and change but hello, if we don’t adapt and change with technology then we wouldn’t even be able to make phone calls right now. Technology changes and we change with it- thats how life works.

After work I went to workout- I AM SO SORE! But I love it! Because that means my new workout plan is kicking my butt just like I wanted it to. I’m controlling my calories while hitting the gym four days a week and I love it! Splurging is hard for my conscience but I have to remember that food is a fun thing and not an enemy- no one wants to live life hating food.

Time for some rest.


– K


Happy Sunday!

Ok so I totally dropped the ball on writing everyday. I missed two days but I’m back at it! 

Today has been a hard day emotionally so far. I’m obviously not going to get into detail but remembering my favorite quote really helps me through days like today:

“You never realize how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

I love it and I live by it. I’ve recently set a few more goals for myself. One can never have too many goals. I want to buy a car this year. Like I’ve said before it’s time to be a big girl and purchase a vehicle. Another one of my goals is to follow more motivational speakers. I was listening to Dave Ramsey the other day and he always pumps me up. Great guy with great things to say about how to save your money.



I Can Write Faster Than I can Think…

Happy Thursday!

I’m at internship numero dos today! Which is at Eclipse Design Technologies. I have been getting a lot done today thats for sure. I had a meeting with my boss today and he had me write down a list of things to do (which came out to be four pages long- written) and I really felt like I was in the movie “Devil Wears Prada” because I was jotting down things on the list so fast to make sure I was keeping up with what he was saying that I didn’t even realize what I was writing!

But today I put a little video together for a company that Eclipse is buying. Can’t show anyone yet because the news hasn’t been released to the press yet. But I will put it up once I am allowed to. 🙂


– K

If I’m Not In School Or Doing My Internships…Then I’m Working



Enough with caps! But yes, this Wednesday was a little different compared to most Wednesdays for me lately. When home I usually work two different jobs. I’m a secretary at a dentist office in town and I am a nanny. Some may argue being a nanny isn’t a “real” job but, I make more money than people with real jobs do when I nanny so I laugh at the doubters.

This winter I am not working at the dentist office since I have SO much going on. But I can never say no to nannying my two most favorite kids in the world! Tommy and Claire have been in my life for about three years now. Today I told their mom I would fill in for their, now, year round nanny because she is with family in Poland.  BUT I still was working my internship today too. And of course psycho me wanted to fit in a workout today too. This is how my day went:

5:30am: woke up

7:00am: got to kid’s house, woke kids up and got kids ready for school. For those who never have gotten kids ready for school; it’s a very long process. Had to break up two wrestling matches. One ended in Tommy saying to Claire “Claire you better not try to give me a headlock….I have a really strong neck!” Made me laugh.

7:45am: feed kids breakfast. The favorite cereal was almost gone, another fight I had to break up.

8:50am: drop kids off at school

9:00am: back to the house to work for internship from computer.

9:30am: conference call.

10:00am: work on documents for internship.

11:00am: video conference call. this lasts two hours.

1:00pm: lunch

1:30pm: workout

2:30pm: work on social media sites for internship

3:25pm: pick kids up from school. directly drop tommy off at swimming

3:30pm: entertain Claire  and do homework with her

5:10: drop Claire off at swimming

5:30: pick tommy up from swimming

5:45: i’m done with nannying and work for the day

Then I made time for my social life…..

This is just the beginning of my busy life isn’t it? Good. I love it.



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